The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF HOUSE. As   mentioned   before,   Bedlay   Castle   is   built   on   the   solid   rock   of   a   dyke   running   from   West   to   East   and   falls   away   sharply   to   the North   and   West.   The   Southern   face,   built   up   and   forming   the   terrace   overlooking   a   meadow,   faces   the   century   old   New   Drive,   the former approach being from the East, and the old Gatehouse which is still in existence is located about a mile from the Castle. South West Elevation When     it     was     first     built,     Bedlay     seems     to     have     been something   of   a   landmark   commanding   a   good   view   of   the valley   from   North   and   South   and   to   the   hills   away   to   the West.   Early   sketches   show   that   there   were   only   a   few   scattered   trees   in   these   directions,   but   rising   ground   to   the   Eastward   was thickly   wooded   then   as   it   is   today.   Trees   have   since   grown   up   to   North   and   West   quite   close   to   the   House   and   only   the   South exposure which fronts a small meadow enclosed by very old trees is open.
Bedlay Castle Chryston
An Architectural visit to this 17th Century Mansion