The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Statement of the circumstances of the Erection of the Chryston Free Church Without   entering   at   all   upon   the   general   Question   of   the   Disruption   of   the   Established   Church   of   Scotland,   referred   and   fully explained   in   the   accompanying   documents,   we   state   merely   a   few   local   events.   At   the   time   of   the   disruption   all   the   session   of the   Established   Chapel   in   Chryston   seem   to   have   been   desirous   to   leave   the   Low   Church,   but   were   unable   to   prevail   upon   their pastor   the   Revd.   James   Young   to   accompany   them.   The   Free   Church   from   the   great   numbers   of   pressing   claims   upon   her   for labourers   was   unable   to   supply   such   localities   with   Ministry,   the   consequence   was   in   this   and   some   other   instances,   that   no movement   for   a   time   took   place,   a   few   left   the   Chapel   and   went   to   churches   at   a   distance   especially   to   the   Free   Church   at Kirkintilloch.   Some   time   after   meetings   were   held   by   Ministers   and   also   young   men   from   Glasgow   and   a   branch   of   Young   Men's Association formed for the advancement of the interest of the Free Church. For   a   period   of   more   than   eight   months   the   Ministers   of   the   Glasgow   Presbytery   supplied   the   place   with   evening   service,   but from   the   point   of   a   person   to   labour   steadily   among   the   people,   these   meetings   fell   off   in   attendance   until   the   presbytery deemed   it   expedient   to   continue   them   longer.   From   this   period   which   was   in   August   1844   nothing   further   was   done   in   this matter   until   May   5th   1845   when   a   Free   Church   Missionary   was   appointed   by   the   Glasgow   Presbytery.   The   first   meeting   which he   held   in   Chryston   was   on   the   Sabbath   the   11th   day   of   May   1845   in   the   work   shop   of   Alex   Stark,   Wright,   in   Chryston.   The attendance   was   between   30   and   40,   from   that   period   the   attendance   has   steadily   increased.   Service   has   been   regularly supplied   twice   on   each   Sabbath   by   William   Burnet   Missionary   and   accompanied   by   members   of   a   Committee   of   the   Glasgow Presbytery of which Wm. Forbes is convener. The   first   sermon   was   held   here   on   the   24th   Day   of   July   1845   the   Revd.   Wm.   Buchanan   of   Glasgow,   Moderator,   at   which   sixty seven members were admitted on the Communion Roll. From   the   very   promising   condition   of   the   Station   arrangements   were   speedily   made   for   the   erection   of   a   church.   A   site   was   very handsomely   presented   by   Alexr.   Clemistown,   Esq.,   of   Golfhill   containing   40   fall,   at   the   annual   few   rent   of   10/-   sterling.   The ground   was   broke   on   the   5th   of   August   1845.   The   contractors   for   the   building   are   Mr.   Dalziel,   mason,   Kirkintilloch,   Mr.   Marshall and   Mr.   Bennet,   wrights   from   Kirkintilloch.   The   number   of   adherents   is   at   present   from   150   to   160,   who   at   present   meet   in   the barn   of   Wm.   Gilmour,   farmer,   of   Hill   of   Chryston.   The   amount   of   subscriptions   at   present   raised   in   the   locality   by   the   people themselves   including   collections   is   about   £110,   there   has   also   been   raised   in   Glasgow   by   Wm.   Bunch   £120   and   we   expect immediately   £105   from   the   building   fund.   Making   in   all   £335   to   meet   an   estimated   expense   of   £530   besides   cartage   and   the expense   of   part   of   the   building   materials.   Besides   the   subscriptions   in   money   a   great   part   of   the   carting   has   been   done   gratis   by the farmers around. The   Church,   which   is   being   erected   from   plans   by   Wm.   Burns,   architect,   Glasgow,   is   expected   to   be   opened   by   December   when the   Revd.   Wm.   Brown   of   St.   John's   Glasgow   is   engaged   (D.V.)   to   officiate.   And   on   23rd   day   of   September   1845   at   2   o'clock,   the foundation   stone   is   to   be   laid   by   John   Bain   Esquire   of   Morriston   a   magnificent   friend   of   the   Free   Church,   in   presence   of   the Revd. Wm. Buchanan Willis and other ministers and gentlemen from Glasgow and also congregation and others. (signed) Wm. Burnet Missionary The    Sabbath    Schools    are    attended    by    about    140    children    and    there    are    four    prayer    meetings    in    connection    with    the congregation. W.B.
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