1. Now, gin' our evendoun folk wad thole A tale, hauf leanin' tae the droll, Anent a mare an' her bit foal,    O' rustic clan, I'll try tae set it on my scroll    As fair's I can. 2. October win's were sharply blawin', The leaves that hadna' fa'n were fa'in' ; 'Twas freezin', thowin', rainin', snawin',    In souple turns; While sheughs an' deep fur-drains were jawin'    Tae spate the burns. 3. The crap was feckly gather't hame, Shaves, stocks an' thraves, had tint the name For stacks an' mows o' greater fame,    Substantial luggage ; An' pownies now micht rax their wame    On stibble foggage. 4. Our mare an' foal were sent tae pyke Alang the lown side o' a dyke ; Or outance, ony wye they like,    Provided aye Their licence didna' breed a fyke,    An' gar them stray. 5. The foal play'd start, an' leukin' roun', " Preserve us, mither, sic' a soun' ! That screigh is lood eneugh tae droon    A grumphy's greet; Will ony thing be comin' doon    Or risin' wi't ?"
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
6. " Hoot," quo' the mare, " thou maunna shy At ony daft-like thing gaun bye; I own that noise micht terrify    A tinkler's neddy, But beasts o' character s'ou'd try    Aye tae be steady. 7. "That din's no comin' frae a frien', But opposition rank an' keen, Workin' awa frae morn till e'en    Wi' deavesome clatter, On naething yirthly tae be seen    But fire an' watter. 8. "Thae locomotive engine powers Care naething aboot days an' hours ; A draught ten times the weight o' ours    Ne'er gars them grape ; An' bitin' clegs, an' hailstone showers    Disturb them nane. 9. "Creatures like us, o' flesh an' bluid, Toilin' for a bit livelihood, Tho' health, win', hide, and hoof be guid,    An' shoon be new Ha'e need o' rest, as weel as food,    Tae help us thro. 10. "Their pace delights ambitious man, Wha likes tae figure in the van. Graspin' at ilka catch he can    Tae rin aheid. 'Tho, sov'reign Nature, in her plan,    Denied him speed."
(Extract from " The Mare and Foal - A Rural Tale.")
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet