The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Poet Laureate Walter Watson It was during this period that Walter Watson, the poet, lived and died (1780-1854). Watson,   son   of   a   weaver,   had   a   chequered   life.   He   was   principally   a   weaver   but   he   spent time   as   a   farm   hand,   a   sawyer,   three   years   soldiering,   and   working   in   a   print   work.   He   was for   a   time   secretary   of   the   local   branch   of   the   Weavers'   Union.   He   married   a   local   farmer's daughter   and   had   a   family   of   nine   to   support.   He   found   he   had   the   ability   to   pen   rhymes in   a   simple   manner   and   on   topics   known   to   his   listeners.   Some   of   these   were   later published,   and   some   put   to   music.   He   became   known   as   the   "Poet   Laureate"   of   Chryston, and his fame spread throughout the parish of Cadder. The   granite   obelisk   which   stands   in   Chryston   Parish   churchyard   marks   his   birthplace,   and his grave can be found in the lee of the church next the dividing wall
The Story of Chryston
by Neil Kidd