The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Garnkirk House Anciently   Garnkirk   belonged   to   the   Church   and   was   first   secularised   in   1587   by charter   from   the   Commendator   of   Glasgow   to   John   Stirling,   son   of   Stirling   of Balquharrage,   who   married   a   daughter   of   Boyd   of   Badenheath.   In   1634   the estate   was   sold   to   John   Dunlop,   a   Glasgow   merchant.   He   was   also   a   kind   of banker   or   dealer   in   money,   and   a   rich   man.   He   built   the   original   mansion,   and died   in   March   1662.   He   was   succeeded   by   his   son   James,   a   member   of   the Faculty   of   Procurators   of   Glasgow.   On   5th   April   1654   he   married   the   daughter   of James   Roberton,   advocate,   later   Lord   Bedlay,   so   creating   a   linkage   between   the two estates. The   property   remained   in   the   Dunlop   family   for   over   three   generations,   all   the successive owners being named James, and all of them with large families. Garnkirk   House   in   1993The   second   had   no   less   than   16   children,   born   between   February   1690   and   July   1709. The   last   of   the   three   James Dunlops   died   in   August   1769.   The   estate   was   then   sold   but   in   1782   came   back   into   the   family,   being   purchased   by   a   nephew   also   named James   Dunlop.   Four   years   later   he   bought   Bedlay   House   and   estate.   Reference   has   already   been   made   to   his   trade   misfortunes   which caused   him   to   sell   both   the   estates   to   his   former   valet   John   McKenzie.   He   in   turn   ran   into   difficulties   and   disposed   of   the   estates separately.   In   1811   the   trustees   of   the   then   deceased   Mark   Sprot   became   the   owners   of   Garnkirk   and   a   nephew,   also   named   Mark, succeeded   him.   About   1820   the   mansion   was   rebuilt,   but   retained   the   front   put up by Mr Dunlop. In   due   course   Muirhead   and   the   greater   part   of   Chryston   were   feued   off   the Garnkirk   estate,   which   extended   to   1,457   acres.   In   1920   it   was   decided   to   sell   the estate   and   this   was   carried   out   during   succeeding   years.   Crow   Wood   Golf   Club occupied   the   mansion   from   1925   until   1932   at   which   time   it   was   taken   over   by   A. R.   Stenhouse.   He   rebuilt   the   mansion   into   its   present   state.   In   1955   the   property came into the ownership of the Golf Club and continues so today.
The Story of Chryston
by Neil Kidd
Garnkirk House
Crowwood Golf Clubhouse in 1993 formarly Garnkirk House