The notes o' dame Nature, when guidet by Art, Can win the best feelin's to work in the heart, They can cheer up the bosom that's laden wi' wae, They can rouse up the timid tae meet wi' the fae - Even deep-furrowed Age, wi' his staff, they incline Tae gae through a bit reel as in days o' langsyne. The sweet flowers o' spring in their beauties appear, An' the birds a' are blithe at this time o' the year, They fa' in wi' their mates, an' they mak' bits o' hames, An' we ken by their notes baith their haunts an' their names ; For they keep aye the key o' their ancestors' line, As if filled wi' respect for the days o' langsyne.
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet