As granny was watchin' the stirrin' bit tottum, For fear it micht meet wi' mishap, She laid doon her specks, an' the toddler had got 'em, An' smartly began tae rap, rap. Tae wrest them by force frae its active bit haunie, Micht hurt either baby or specks, Sae force was avoided by kin'-hearted granny, For fear o' unpleasant effects. But what's tae be done? come awa wi' invention, There's danger in ilka bit tick. Sae granny, fu' quick, brocht the bairn tae attention, An' held oot a bonny white stick. The project succeeded, it cam' to a niffer, Her joy in a smile was exprest, The din o' the stick an' the glasses might differ, But " whitie " was loudest an' best. If folk wad mak' use o' their talents like granny, Whan young inexperience errs, Their aims micht be gained just as quick an' as canny As wylie auld granny gat hers. But physical force, wi' his taws an' his talons, Comes braggin' how weel he can kick, An' ne'er tak's a thocht that our throwither callans Micht yield tae the bonnie white stick.
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet