Air - " My Molly and I." Will ye gae alang wi' me to the flow'ry banks o' Clyde, There, amang the bonnie sodger lads, O will ye be my guide? I'll gae seek my dearest Willie this day at the review, For I ha'e na' heard a word o' him sin' bluidy Waterloo. O, it was a waefu' day whan I saw him march awa', Whan the silent tears at partin' o'er his rosy cheeks did fa' ; I could neither speak nor see, for my heart an' een were fu', I had min' o' bluidy fields like yon he saw at Waterloo. We'll mak' haste an' busk us braw for an airin' on the green, Whaur we'll wyle the lovin' glances frae our smilin' laddies' een ; Whan they lay their arms aside, they may follow us tae woo; They'll ha'e tales o' love instead o' war at bluidy Waterloo. Ye may stay wi' me an' mourn, for your search wad be in vain ; Now your dreams o' love maun vanish frae your waefu' nichts o' pain ; There is nane on a' the green has a pleasant glance for you, For your Willie lies amang the slain that fell at Waterloo. She hid her lovely face till the roses flew awa', An' the heavy draps o' sorrow like a show'r began to fa' ; On the floor, in wild despair, her fair body then she threw, To bewail her dearest Willie slain at bluidy Waterloo.
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet