He. O haste, my dear lassie, thy lover is ready Tae prove he is faithfu', an' true tae his jo Come share o' my fate, an' tak' pairt o' my plaidie, O, bonnie lass, wilt'na' bundle an' go? Thy vow sae true may never be broken, To flee wi' me, come weel or come woe, Thy glove, my love, is here as a token; Sae bonnie lass, wilt'na' bundle an' go, She. Our road it is lang, an' the nicht's mirk an' rainy, The dubs are sae fu', an' our pace wad be slow ; My daddy will soon be asteer for his Jenny. Sae, bonnie lad, how can I bundle an' go? Still true for you, a season I'll tarry, Mair kind you'll find my daddy will grow, I fain wad gain his blessin' tae marry, An' then, my dear lad, I wad bundle an' go. He. I've now ta'en my leave o' my comrades sae lovin'. While tears o' affection in plenty did flow, My stock is a' here, an' I lang tae be movin', I thocht thou was ready tae bundle an' go. Alane I'll mane the loss o' my dearie, Wi' pain, in vain, my bosom may glow. Ere day be grey, a stranger an' weary, I'll mourn thy refusal tae bundle an' go. She. O, haste na', dear laddie, O, haste na' tae leave me, I vow'd tae be true, an' I mean tae be so, Although my auld daddy nae tocher s'ou'd gi'e me, Wi' you, my dear lad, I will bundle an' go. Then prove, my love, a partner that's steady, Our joys may rise tho' fortune be low, Tae flee wi' thee, this nicht, I am ready, Fareweel, my auld daddy, I'll bundle an' go.
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet