O lanely an' laigh rins the stream o' the Luggie, Ay borin' thro' glens as it wimples alang, Whaur aft on the hazle or slaethorn sae scroggie, The bonnie wee lintie sits liltin' his sang. The bright-speckl't trout haunts the water o' Luggie, The fringe on its lips gi'es him covert tae hide; An' gloamin' gets lovers fu' blithesome an' vogie, Tae whisper their feelin's on sweet Luggie side. The lass that I love has her hame near the Luggae, She's bonnie an' sweet as a lassie can be; An' tho' her dark e'en hae a glance o' the roguie. I aye think her bosom is faithfu' tae me. Oor tryst's comin' on when I'll meet wi' my dearie, An' on the green bank mak' a seat o' my plaid ; We'll no think it lang till we hear chanticleerie Admonish us hameward frae sweet Luggie side. It maunna be lang till we're stayin' thegither, Oor meetin' gi'es pleasure, oor partin' gi'es pain; An' were she tae lea' me, an' gang wi' anither, I'll ne'er ha'e a meetin' wi' pleasure again. Gae wimplin' awa' tae the Kelvin, wee Luggie, An' tine yersel's baith in the proud river Clyde; I'll bode for a hame an' a haudin' fu' snug ay, To share wi' my lassie on sweet Luggie side.
The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
Walter Watson
The Chryston Poet